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20 películas suecas (1967-2000)

Swedish Film History (1967-2000)

The start of the new Swedish wave of cinema where most of their films had a big focus on liberal sex. This notorious movie included a short shocking scene where Lena Nyman touched a man's penis. Seized by customs upon entry to the United States, subject of a heated court battle, and banned in numerous cities, Vilgot Sjöman's I Am Curious Yellow" is one of the most controversial films of all time. This landmark document of Swedish society during the sexual revolution has been declared both obscene and revolutionary but one should not also forget that it was also hugely political and have a strong message. Viljot Sjöman directed both this and it's sequel

The same movie with the same characters, cast and crew as I am Curious (Yellow), but with some different scenes and a different political slant. The political focus in Blue is personal relationships, religion, prisons and sex. Blue omits much of the class consciousness and non-violence interviews of the first version. Yellow and Blue are the colors of the Swedish flag. Director: Viljot Sjöman

Crime drama directed by Daniel Fridell and Peter Cartriers. It became notorious when Liam Norberg, who played the main role, was arrested for attempted murder and robbery in Gothenburg. It was the first of a planned trilogy.
4. Laila (17)
Young Leena Skoog made two short films called "Laila (17) vaknar" and "Laila (17) badar" that were made into a feature and sold internationally. It is pretty much a striptease film.
5. Elvira Madigan (1967)

Directed by Bo Widerberg, based on the tragedy of the Danish tightrope dancer Hedvig Jensen (born 1867), working under the stage name of Elvira Madigan at her stepfather's travelling circus, who runs away with the deserter Swedish lieutenant Sixten Sparre. Winner of Best Actress in Cannes. Nominated for Golden Palm at same Festival and Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film and Actress at the Golden Globes.

4th movie of the "Saltkråkan" movies. The regular character of Farbror Melker does not appear in the movie as actor Torsten Lillecrona dropped out of this one.
7. Stimulantia (1967)

Swedish anthology film directed by Hans Abramson, Hans Alfredson, Arne Arnbom, Tage Danielsson, Lars Görling, Ingmar Bergman, Jörn Donner, Gustaf Molander and Vilgot Sjöman
8. Hugo and Josephine (1967)

Based upon Maria Gripes novels. Sequel to "Josefin aka. Josephine"
9. Den røde kappe (1967)

Danish-Swedish-Icelandic historic drama film directed by Gabriel Axel and starring Søren Strømberg. The film won a Technical Prize at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival.
10. Roseanna (1967)

First crime-thriller movie about Martin Beck, who is the main character in a series of ten novels by Sjöwall and Wahlöö, and probably Sweden's most popular cop hero. This one was directed by Hans Abramson
11. Hugs and Kisses (1967)

Jonas Cornell jumped from the Swedish Film Institute's film school to make his feature film debut Hugs and Kisses. The film, about class and love, with two pairs of focus, was debated. Sven-Bertil Taube played husband to Agneta Ekman, in fact, married to Cornell. The film "for a new and constructive tone of the young Swedish film," wrote the Daily News.

Swedish-Danish Drama directed by Henning Carlsen
13. Ola & Julia (1967)

Romantic drama directed by Jan Halldoff
14. Kärlek 1-1000 (1967)

Directed by Lennart Olsson. The movie was marketed as Sweden's first pornographic movie but after critics had seen it's premiere it was labeled as a comedy with some shots of naked female breasts
First concert-movie that was slammed by Swedish critics both as a movie and for it's many "amateurish music numbers"

Directed by Arne Mattson and written by crime novelists Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö that was inspired by a real event about a killer who pushed his victims off a train. Maj and Per got bad critic for their filmscript as journalists critized the fact that the killer really was a normal person and that noone could not explain his behavior with a psychological defect (so that one could smile and say that killers are all just crazy obvious persons) and some even called the film tasteless. Would be interesting to see what journalists of today would say of the film.
17. Life's Just Great (1967)

Drama directed by Jan Halldoff

18th Åsa-Nisse movie. It would become Artur Rolén's final movie in the series as he had played from the beginning as Åsa-Nisse's "partner in crime". Arne Stivell directed the movie.
19. The Reluctant Sadist (1967)

Swedish-Danish sex-comedy exploitation directed by Mac Ahlberg and Peer Gulbrandsen about man who changes name to Maquis de Sade and suddenly he gets all the kinky girls out for some "action". Probably deserves a re-release now in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" days as it seems this must have been many years ahead of it's time.
20. Rooftree (1967)

Drama directed by Jörn Donner

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Sólstafir (IS) Fjara

from the Svartir Sandar album (2011)
@ Don't Panic Films

"La conceptualización para "Fjara" comenzó en julio de 2011 y comenzó a producirse a fines de septiembre. La historia sigue a una mujer joven que soporta una carga pesada y trágica, obsesivamente arrastrando tras de sí un gran ataúd de madera. Sus intenciones son inciertas, pero se encuentra con los Cuatro Espíritus en el camino, la Tierra, el Desierto, los Iluminados y los Devotos, como faros que guían su camino. El propósito final de su viaje se revela lentamente a través de sus encuentros con estos Espíritus".


Þetta er það lengsta sem ég fer.
Aldrei aftur samur maður er.
Ljóta leiðin heillar nú á ný,
daginn sem ég lífið aftur flý.

Ef ég vinn í þetta eina sinn,
er það samt dauði minn.
Trú mín er að allt fari ej vel.
Þessu er lokið hjá mér.

Dag sem nótt hljóðið var svo rótt.
Þrotið þol lamað bros.
Áfram ríð, hjartað pumpar tárum.
Dag sem nótt ég geng nú einn.

Grafin bein grotna í jörðunni,
eins og leyndarmálin þín
sem þú hélst forðum burt frá mér.
En blóðið þyngr´en þögnin er.

Svikin orð, grjót í kjafti þér,
rista dýpra en nokkur sár.
Brotin bönd aldrei verða söm.
Lygar eins og nöðrubit.

Þetta er það lengsta sem ég fer,
Aldrei aftur samur maður er,

Ef ég vinn í þetta eina sinn,
Er það samt dauði minn,
Trú mín er, að allt fari vel,
Þessu er lokið hjá mér,

Dag sem nótt, hjartað var órótt,
Þrotið þol, lamað bros,
Áfram ríð, hjartað pumpar tárum,
Dag sem nótt, ég geng nú einn,

Ef ég vinn í þetta eina sinn,
Er það samt dauði minn,
Trú mín er, að allt fari vel,
Þessu er lokið hjá mér,

Dag sem nótt, hjartað var órótt,
Þrotið þol, lamað bros,
Áfram ríð, hjartað pumpar tárum,
Dag sem nótt, ég geng nú einn.

Sólstafir - Live on KEXP

Icelandic band Sólstafir performs live on KEXP from KEX Hostel in Reykjavik during Iceland Airwaves '12. Recorded on November 2, 2012.

Ljós í Stormi
Goddess Of The Ages

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New Geyser

"New Geyser"
Joni Adolf Steinolfsson - Tryggvi Thorlief Larum

Esta escultura fue concebida y creada por ambos artistas para el Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle, como una manera de conmemorar a los inmigrantes islandeses que llegaron al estado de Washington; y para expresar mejor tal unión de pueblos y culturas usaron madera de cedro americano y de abedul islandés

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22 películas escandinavas

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1. The Celebration (1998)
Original Title: 'Festen'

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Thomas Vinterberg

With: Ulrich Thomsen, Paprika Steen

Plot: At Helge's 60th birthday party, some unpleasant family truths are revealed.

Note: Dogme #1. In my opinion, the first movie following the Dogme rules was just great. No special effects, no big stars just a simple and pure movie. It was also the first time I felt nauseous after watching a movie. Not because It was bad but because it was so heavy and emotional. I think it is a great movie and it is one of my all time favorite movies.

3. Lilya Forever (2002)
Original Title: 'Lilja 4-ever'

Country: Sweden

Directed by: Lukas Moodysson

Plot: Lilja is 16 years old. Her only friend is the young boy Volodja. They live in Estonia, fantasizing about a better life. One day, Lilja falls in love with Andrej. He is going to Sweden, and invites Lilja to come along and start a new life.

Note: I thought it was such a heartbreaking story. There is absolutely no redemption here and when you watch this flick, you wonder what does a guy feels when he goes to see such an underage prostitute. How can they enjoy themselves? Anyway, the directing and acting are just awesome and if you don't mind getting depressed while watching a movie, it is definitely worth a look.

4. The King Is Alive (2000)
Original Title: 'The King Is Alive'

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Kristian Levring

With: Romane Bohringer, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Plot: When a bus breaks down in the desert, the passengers decide to stage "King Lear."

Note: Dogme #4. It is one of the least known of the Dogma movies but it is actually one of the best (the best is "Festen"). It takes place in a desert in Africa where a group of tourists get stuck. They try to survive and most of them get eventually nuts. I think it is a great and fascinating movie featuring Jennifer Jason Leigh.

5. The Seventh Seal (1957)
Original Title: 'Det sjunde inseglet'

Country: Sweden

Directed by: Ingmar Bergman

With: Max von Sydow

Plot: A man seeks answers about life, death, and the existence of God as he plays chess against the Grim Reaper during the Black Plague.

Note: I haven't seen many movies by Bergman so I am not a fan of his work but this masterpiece left a big impression on me. The directing, the story and the acting, above all by Max van Sydow, is nothing short of amazing. Probably one of the most thoughtful movies ever made, it is definitely a must see for any decent movie lover.

Original Title: 'Låt den rätte komma in'

Country: Sweden

Directed by: Tomas Alfredson

Plot: Oscar, an overlooked and bullied boy, finds love and revenge through Eli, a beautiful but peculiar girl who turns out to be a vampire.

Note : I guess it is an acquired taste but, in my opinion, it the most original and striking vampire movie made in the last 20 years. Yeah, it is that good but it goes beyond that as it explores the teenage anxiety with lots of sensibility.

7. Brothers (2004)
Original Title: 'Brødre'

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Susanne Bier

With: Ulrich Thomsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Connie Nielsen

Plot: Two brothers must negotiate changing roles and shifting family dynamics when one is sent to war in Afghanistan.

Note: Actually, I had some mixed feelings about this movie. What bothered me was that the story starts with two stereotypes and ends with two stereotypes. But the directing is very good and efficient and above all the acting is just really awesome. Who thought that Connie Nielsen could be such a great actress? Definitely worth a look.

8. Drifting Clouds (1996)
Original Title: 'Kauas pilvet karkaavat'

Country: Finland

Directed by: Aki Kaurismäki

Plot: The recession hits a couple in Helsinki.

Note: In my opinion, it is a mixed of drama and comedy. The humor is rather subtle and very pitch black. So, I guess it is an acquired taste but I thought it was rather awesome.

9. The Idiots (1998)
Original Title: 'Idioterne'

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Lars von Trier

With: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Paprika Steen

Plot: The group of people gather at the house in Copenhagen suburb to break all the limitations and to bring out the "inner idiot" in themselves.

Note: Dogme #2. The main issue here is that the whole thing seems honestly rather pointless to me. But even though it was not entirely successful, I thought this flick was still really interesting. As usual, Lars von Trier manipulates the viewer and he manages to make this flick still rather fascinating.

Original Title: 'Flickan som lekte med elden'

Country: Sweden

Directed by: Daniel Alfredson

With: Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist

Plot: As computer hacker Lisbeth and journalist Mikael investigate a sex-trafficking ring, Lisbeth is accused of three murders, causing her to go on the run while Mikael works to clear her name.

Note: Honestly, it was not as good as the first movie but the whole thing remains still pretty amazing. I really liked it. The directing and acting are very good and so different and refreshing compared to Hollywood thrillers. Anyway, it is a very good flick and it is definitely worth a look.

Original Title: 'Luftslottet som sprängdes'

Country: Sweden

Directed by: Daniel Alfredson

With: Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist

Plot: Lisbeth is recovering in a hospital and awaiting trial for three murders when she is released. Mikael must prove her innocence, but Lisbeth must be willing to share the details of her sordid experiences with the court.

Note: Again, it is not as good as the 1st one but still pretty damn entertaining. Too bad you barely see anything from Noomi Rapace (3/4 of the movie she is in a hospital and then in jail). Still, it remains a fascinating trilogy.

12. Adam's Apples (2005)
Original Title: 'Adams æbler'

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Anders Thomas Jensen

With: Ulrich Thomsen, Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Paprika Steen

Plot: A neo-nazi sentenced to community service at a church clashes with the blindly devotional priest.

Note: When you watch a movie and the least crazy character is a neo-nazi, you know you're watching a weird movie... This movie mixes drama and comedy at the same time and I was sometimes laughing my ass off when a priest was really slaugthered by this neo-nazi character.. Weird, weird, weird... But in a good way. Unfortunately, the end was not really strong but still it is a very intriguing movie.

13. Show Me Love (1998)
Original Title: 'Fucking Åmål'

Country: Sweden

Directed by: Lukas Moodysson

Plot: Two teenage girls in small-town Sweden. Elin is beautiful, popular, and bored with life. Agnes is friendless, sad, and secretly in love with Elin.

Note: I wasn't blown away like I expected to be but it was still a very good flick. It is a touching story and the young actors were all very convincing.

14. After the Wedding (2006)
Original Title: 'Efter brylluppet'

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Susanne Bier

With: Mads Mikkelsen

Plot: A manager of an orphanage in India is sent to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he discovers a life-altering family secret.

Note: I thought it was pretty good. The cast and especially Mads Mikkelsen gave very good perfomances and the directing was nice aswell. However, even though the story was interesting and involving, it was not really fascinating. Still, it is a very good flick.

15. Insomnia (1997)
Original Title: 'Insomnia'

Country: Norway

Directed by: Erik Skjoldbjærg

With: Stellan Skarsgård

Plot: Two criminal investigators arrive in a town in the north of Norway to help the local police solve the murder of a young girl. A second murder sets the investigators off on an intense race where the stakes are as high for them as for their quarry.

Note: I'm not sure which one I prefer between this movie and the remake by Christopher Nolan. Even though, the plot is obviously similar, the style between those two movies is completely different. Anyway, this is a fascinating story, the directing is pretty good and Stellan Skarsgard gives a very good perfomance.

16. Open Hearts (2002)
Original Title: 'Elsker dig for evigt'

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Susanne Bier

With: Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Paprika Steen

Plot: It is about an engaged couple that is torn apart after the man is paralyzed in an accident, and the woman falls in love with the husband of the woman who caused the accident.

Note: the acting was pretty amazing and all the 4 actors (Mads Mikkelsen, Sonja Richter, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Paprika Steen) gave some impressive performances. The only issue for me would be that they were too many storylines. Still, I really liked this emotional and heavy drama.

17. The Man Without a Past (2002)
Original Title: 'Mies vailla menneisyyttä'

Country: Finland

Directed by: Aki Kaurismäki

Plot: The film follows a man who arrives in Helsinki and gets beaten up so severely he develops amnesia. Unable to remember his name or anything from his past life, he cannot get a job or an apartment, so he starts living on the outskirts of the city and slowly starts putting his life back on track.

Note: Even though I wasn't really blown by the whole thing, I thought it was pretty good. It has such a peculiar style. It is very quiet, with few dialogs and based more on silence and body language. It is a drama which still manage to make you laughs at rather unexpected moments.

18. Fanny and Alexander (1982)
Original Title: 'Fanny och Alexander'

Country: Sweden

Directed by: Ingmar Bergman

With: Stellan Skarsgård

Plot: The title characters are children in the exuberant and colorful Ekdahl household in a Swedish town early in the twentieth century. Their parents, Oscar and Emilie, are the director and the leading lady of the local theatre company. Oscar's mother and brother are its chief patrons. After Oscar's early death, his widow marries the bishop and moves with her children to his austere and forbidding chancery. The children are immediately miserable.

Note: This one belongs definitely in the catergoy 'misundertood masterpiece'. Basically, it is not really my cup of tea. It is very bleak and there are loads of weird stuff and symbolism. In spite of all that, It is really well done and quite fascinating. Maybe I'll rewatch again in the future to make up my mind for good.

19. Mifune's Last Song (1999)
Original Title: 'Mifunes sidste sang'

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Søren Kragh-Jacobsen,

With: Paprika Steen

Plot: Kresten has moved from his parents farm on a small Danish island to Copenhagen in order to pursue his working career. When his father dies he has to move back to the farm, where nothing much has happened since he left. He places an add in the local newspaper to get help running the farm and taking care of his retarded brother.

Note: Dogme #3. Honestly, the story is not original whatsoever and rather predictable. But thanks to the refreshing rules of the Dogme, some competent directing and some definitely good acting, it is a good flick and I really enjoyed it.

20. Italian for Beginners (2000)
Original Title: 'Italiensk for begyndere'

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Lone Scherfig

Plot: Several lonely hearts in a semi-provincial suburb of a town in Denmark use a beginner's course in Italian as the platform to meet the romance of their lives.

Note: Dogme #12. Most of the Dogme features are rather heavy dramas but not this one. Here, they decided to make a romantic comedy following the Dogme rules and the end result is actually rather satisfying. Like all the romantic comedies, the whole thing is not really original but there is definitely a refreshing feeling to it and I just really enjoyed it.

21. My Life as a Dog (1985)
Original Title: 'Mitt liv som hund'

Country: Sweden

Directed by: Lasse Hallström

Plot: A boy and his brother don't get along well. In order to let her ill mother rest, they're separated and sent each one to different relatives.

Note: Before becoming a known figure in Hollywood, Lasse Hallstrom made some small intimate movies in his homeland, Sweden. This flick is a good example and probably his most internationally known. There are some very good perfomances provided by the children involved.

22. 101 Reykjavík (2000)
Original Title: '101 Reykjavík'

Country: Iceland

Directed by: Baltasar Kormákur

With: Victoria Abril

Plot: Thirty-year-old Hlynur still lives with his mother and spends his days drinking, watching porn and surfing the net while living off unemployment checks. A girl is interested in him, but he stands back from commitment. His mother's Spanish flamenco teacher, Lola, moves in with them for Christmas.

Note: How on Earth did Victori Abril ended up playing in a Icelandic production?!? How on Earth did I end up watching this flick?!? No idea... and it doesn't matter since I rather enjoyed this movie which displayed some colourful and interesting characters. I thought it was also an interesting view on the life in Iceland (even though it may not be accurate at all).

Las banderas con cruz escandinava

La cruz escandinava, cruz nórdica, cruz de San Olav o bandera de cruz nórdica es un patrón de diseño a partir de la cruz cristiana aplicad...