enero 06, 2017

Mother North / Satyricon

Satyricon wallpaper by Rippenstain / Deviantart
Mother North / Satyricon

 Nemesis Divina (1996)
Live at the Opera (2015)

Mother north - how can they sleep while their beds are burning ?
Mother north - your fields are bleeding
Memories...The Invisible Wounds
Pictures that enshrine your throne (gone?)
A Future benighted still they are blind
Pigeonhearted beings of flesh and blood
Keeps closing their eyes for the dangers that threat...ourselves and our
And that is why
They all enrage me
Sometimes in the dead of the night I mesmerize my soul
Sights and visions prophecies and horror
They all come in one
Mother north - united we stand (together we walk)
Phantom north - I'll be there when you hunt them down

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