julio 14, 2013

Espectaculares vídeos de Noruega (Vimeo)

Vídeos hechos en Noruega. Ver a pantalla completa.

Norway from stophel on Vimeo.

Some pix of my last road trip in Norway. I experienced the slomotion mode with 1080/50i FX, but the quality is not what i expected. Anyway, the landscape is really amazing ... you will forget the quality ;) Some of these moves are made on ferrys - you can see the vibrations of the engine. The other moves (don't laugh) are made with the tripod on the co-driver's seat. :) At the same time i used the "smooth slow rec" mode ... it records with fourfold speed and higher compression. But you need planar roads.

Musik: Sigur Ros "Samskeyti"

Experience Zero Gravity from InfinityList on Vimeo.

There are thousands of people that are exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. This chapter we will take you to Norway Switzerland and France where people are jumping cliffs as high as 6,000 feet. Experience Zero Gravity will hopefully provide you with the feeling and the emotion that we feel when we think about the experience of Base Jumping in the most scenic locations of the world. We hope you can see this world from our eyes.
Starring: Ossie Khan, Stephen (Sparky) Baich, Fred Fugen, Vince Refett, Jade Edaj, Pepe Cam, Simon Wandeler, Adrian Acquado, Jeremy Bourne, and Woody.

Shot on a GoPro
Music: Alex Khaskin - "Life is Beautiful"


This was filmed between 29th April and 10th May 2011 in the Arctic, on the archipelago Lofoten in Norway.

My favorite natural phenomenon is one I do not even know the name of, even after talking to meteorologists and astrophysicists I am none the wiser.What I am talking about I have decided to call The Arctic Light and it is a natural phenomenon occurring 2-4 weeks before you can see the Midnight Sun.

The Sunset and Sunrise are connected in one magnificent show of color and light lasting from 8 to 12 hours. The sun is barely going below the horizon before coming up again. This is the most colorful light that I know, and the main reason I have been going up there for the last 4 years, at the exact
same time of year, to photograph. Based on previous experience, I knew this was going to be a very
difficult trip. Having lost a couple of cameras and some other equipment up there before, it was crucial to bring an extra set of everything. I also made sure I had plenty of time in case something went wrong.
If you can imagine roping down mountain cliffs, or jumping around on slippery rocks covered in seaweed with 2 tripods, a rail, a controller, camera, lenses, filters and rigging for 4-5 hour long sequences at a time, and then having to calculate the rise and fall of the tides in order to capture the essence - it all proved bit of a challenge.

And almost as if planned, the trip would turn out to become very difficult indeed. I had numerous setbacks including: airline lost my luggage, struggling to swim ashore after falling into the Arctic sea: twice, breaking lenses, filters, tripod, computer, losing the whole dolly rig and controller into the sea, and even falling off a rather tall rock and ending up in the hospital. As much as I wanted to give up, the best way Out is always “Through”. I am glad I stuck it through though because there were some amazing sunrises waiting. At 1:06 you see a single scene from day to night to day which is from 9pm to 7am. Think about that for a minute.. 10 hours with light like that.

I asked the very talented Marika Takeuchi to specifically compose and perform a song for this movie, and what she came up with is absolutely remarkable. Thank you very much Marika!

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- This is a compilation of timelapses I did in western Norway last summer.

- Locations include Ålesund, Trollstigen, Geiranger, the Briksdal glacier and Urnes & Kaupang stave churches.

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