mayo 02, 2013

Música: Eldkraft (SW)

ARTIST: Eldkraft
ALBUM: Shaman
RELEASE DATE: 05/28/2013
J.Sandin: All Vocals and Keys
H. Carlsson: All Guitars and Bass
N. Fjellström: Drums

Sweden’s ELDKRAFT is a musical constellation whose primary foundation rests on epic metal while drawing experimental influences from ancestral musical traditions of the North and spiritual guidance of its hermetic crafts. Shaman, the debut album, is a psychedelic trip gazed upon through contemporary elements, circumnavigating journeys of knowledge, growth and the ecstasy of the soul.

01. Gammal Krigare
02. Undrets Tid
03. Fate’s Door
04. Moder Liv Till Grav
05. Ursprungskällan
06. Patterns
07. Gränslös Gräns
08. Grey Man
09. I Dödens Famn
10. Rimthurs

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