enero 10, 2010

Jazzflora - Scandinavian Aspects Of Jazz

"Jazzflora is a selection of twelve of the most essential tracks from this scene produced by Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish composers. Many of the tracks never before released on cd but only on small edition 12” vinyls through labels such as Hi-Fi Terapi, Raw Fusion Recordings and Ricky - Tick Records. This is a blend of music carefully chosen to showcase the versatility and quality of the music that is being produced."

Jazzflora demonstrates the further advancement Dealers of Nordic Music have made in promoting Scandinavian jazz culture from the perspective of young producers and musicians who grew up in that culture, yet surrounded themselves in the rhythms and structures of electronic music. Immediately the warm, brushed snares of Kuusumun Profeetta draw you into the atmosphere and you can almost feel yourself in a dark gin joint, taking in a cigarette with your martini, or watching those around you do it instead. Jazzflora is dirty bass lines, sultry torch singers, crooning horns, nu jazz vibes, and it's unexpected. It's a thick, almost touchable moodiness. It's dim lit, jazzy, smooth and just what you need at the end of a day that is none of these.

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