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20 películas suecas (1967-2000)

Swedish Film History (1967-2000)

The start of the new Swedish wave of cinema where most of their films had a big focus on liberal sex. This notorious movie included a short shocking scene where Lena Nyman touched a man's penis. Seized by customs upon entry to the United States, subject of a heated court battle, and banned in numerous cities, Vilgot Sjöman's I Am Curious Yellow" is one of the most controversial films of all time. This landmark document of Swedish society during the sexual revolution has been declared both obscene and revolutionary but one should not also forget that it was also hugely political and have a strong message. Viljot Sjöman directed both this and it's sequel

The same movie with the same characters, cast and crew as I am Curious (Yellow), but with some different scenes and a different political slant. The political focus in Blue is personal relationships, religion, prisons and sex. Blue omits much of the class consciousness and non-violence interviews of the first version. Yellow and Blue are the colors of the Swedish flag. Director: Viljot Sjöman

Crime drama directed by Daniel Fridell and Peter Cartriers. It became notorious when Liam Norberg, who played the main role, was arrested for attempted murder and robbery in Gothenburg. It was the first of a planned trilogy.
4. Laila (17)
Young Leena Skoog made two short films called "Laila (17) vaknar" and "Laila (17) badar" that were made into a feature and sold internationally. It is pretty much a striptease film.
5. Elvira Madigan (1967)

Directed by Bo Widerberg, based on the tragedy of the Danish tightrope dancer Hedvig Jensen (born 1867), working under the stage name of Elvira Madigan at her stepfather's travelling circus, who runs away with the deserter Swedish lieutenant Sixten Sparre. Winner of Best Actress in Cannes. Nominated for Golden Palm at same Festival and Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film and Actress at the Golden Globes.

4th movie of the "Saltkråkan" movies. The regular character of Farbror Melker does not appear in the movie as actor Torsten Lillecrona dropped out of this one.
7. Stimulantia (1967)

Swedish anthology film directed by Hans Abramson, Hans Alfredson, Arne Arnbom, Tage Danielsson, Lars Görling, Ingmar Bergman, Jörn Donner, Gustaf Molander and Vilgot Sjöman
8. Hugo and Josephine (1967)

Based upon Maria Gripes novels. Sequel to "Josefin aka. Josephine"
9. Den røde kappe (1967)

Danish-Swedish-Icelandic historic drama film directed by Gabriel Axel and starring Søren Strømberg. The film won a Technical Prize at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival.
10. Roseanna (1967)

First crime-thriller movie about Martin Beck, who is the main character in a series of ten novels by Sjöwall and Wahlöö, and probably Sweden's most popular cop hero. This one was directed by Hans Abramson
11. Hugs and Kisses (1967)

Jonas Cornell jumped from the Swedish Film Institute's film school to make his feature film debut Hugs and Kisses. The film, about class and love, with two pairs of focus, was debated. Sven-Bertil Taube played husband to Agneta Ekman, in fact, married to Cornell. The film "for a new and constructive tone of the young Swedish film," wrote the Daily News.

Swedish-Danish Drama directed by Henning Carlsen
13. Ola & Julia (1967)

Romantic drama directed by Jan Halldoff
14. Kärlek 1-1000 (1967)

Directed by Lennart Olsson. The movie was marketed as Sweden's first pornographic movie but after critics had seen it's premiere it was labeled as a comedy with some shots of naked female breasts
First concert-movie that was slammed by Swedish critics both as a movie and for it's many "amateurish music numbers"

Directed by Arne Mattson and written by crime novelists Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö that was inspired by a real event about a killer who pushed his victims off a train. Maj and Per got bad critic for their filmscript as journalists critized the fact that the killer really was a normal person and that noone could not explain his behavior with a psychological defect (so that one could smile and say that killers are all just crazy obvious persons) and some even called the film tasteless. Would be interesting to see what journalists of today would say of the film.
17. Life's Just Great (1967)

Drama directed by Jan Halldoff

18th Åsa-Nisse movie. It would become Artur Rolén's final movie in the series as he had played from the beginning as Åsa-Nisse's "partner in crime". Arne Stivell directed the movie.
19. The Reluctant Sadist (1967)

Swedish-Danish sex-comedy exploitation directed by Mac Ahlberg and Peer Gulbrandsen about man who changes name to Maquis de Sade and suddenly he gets all the kinky girls out for some "action". Probably deserves a re-release now in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" days as it seems this must have been many years ahead of it's time.
20. Rooftree (1967)

Drama directed by Jörn Donner

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