septiembre 05, 2011

Música: Kimmo Pohjonen (FI)

“Pohjonen, ... proved himself, in the course of that hour, to be truly an innovator on his instrument and in his conception of improvised music. Layering chords upon chords and building to crescendos of melodic and harmonic extravagance by means of a seamless production of gradually mounting orchestral body from his instrument, pedaled special-effects such as loops, sampling, and playback, and guttural vocalizations, moans, and insect-like buzzes via a tiny mic resting upon his left cheek, Pohjonen rocked back and forth demonically on his stool, his face often contorted in emotional pain. So distraught did he appear in his final ten minutes or so onstage, as he hurled himself forward onto his feet into a crouch several times, pumping the accordion and manipulating its keys and buttons as though possessed by a spirit (as well he may have been -- the program parenthetically included as among his musical styles "shamanistic trance"), I thought that he would wrest the accordion from his shoulders by its straps and smash it on the stage….. …….Kimmo Pohjonen's performance proved to be a riveting musical and surreal theatrical experience, a multi-dimensional display of totally original, astonishingly eccentric, and unabashedly uncompromising artistic genius. I can't think of any performance of recent years that has so moved me”  (

1. Kimmo Pohjonen & Sami Kuoppamaki / Driving North (Jimi Hendrix)
2. Kimmo Pohjonen & Sami Kuoppamäki / "Squirm", live at Korjaamo
3. K Cube (Kimmo Pohjonen, Sami Kuoppamäki, Timo Kämäräinen) - Akaa Jazz 20.3.2010
4. K Cube - Armo 9.10.2010 Lahti
5. K Cube - Noitapukki 9.10.2010 Lahti

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