julio 11, 2012

Therion / Live Gothic

Therion - Live Gothic 
concierto completo

1"Der Mitternachtslöwe"
3"The Blood of Kingu"
4"The Falling Stone"
5"An Arrow From the Sun"
7"Wine of Aluqah"
8"The Perennial Sophia"
9"The Son of the Sun"
10"Son of the Staves of Time"
11"Birth of Venus Illegitima"
12"Tuna 1613"
13"Drum Solo"
15"Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah"
17"Grand Finale"
19"The Wand of Abaris"
20"Nightside of Eden"
21"To Mega Therion"
22"Thor (The Powerhead) : Manowar cover"

Christofer Johnsson -- guitar
Kristian Niemann -- lead and rhythm guitars
Johan Niemann -- bass guitar
Petter Karlsson -- drums, additional vocals on "Thor (The Powerhead)"
Mats Levén -- vocals, additional percussion on "Ginnungagap"
Snowy Shaw -- vocals, additional percussion on "Ginnungagap"
Katarina Lilja -- vocals
Lori Lewis - vocals

1 comentario:

El Cuaderno del Feroés dijo...

Me ha parecido ver a Tom Warrior, de Celtic Frost, como cantante invitado???

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