febrero 05, 2011

Vídeo: Grønlapse - A time lapse film of Greenland


A time lapse film of Greenland

Comprised primarily of time lapse and landscape photography, Grønlapse is a non-verbal artistic depiction of traveling Greenland via Expedition Cruise Ship. The film documents massive icebergs, the Ilulissat glacier movement through time lapse and transits through Greenland's endless fjords in the south and east of the island. The film also captures the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights in all it's glory, exploding the dark skies into green and blue masterpieces.

Photographed and edited by New Zealand Photographer Richard Sidey, traveling on Silversea's ship Prince Albert II, with a stunning experimental music track from Boreal Taiga. More experimental films and time lapse photography can be found at richardsidey.com

Photographed with the Canon 5D Mk II

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